About me!

I started taking pictures at a time you count your age on your fingers. A grandparent gave me a 110 film camera with a fix lens. It was interesting to take pictures of the dog or the garage, but not very captivating.

In 1999, there was a wave of Summer television shows recorded in a public area. The shutter release CLICKED in my head. Suddenly, there were lots of nice and interesting people to take pictures of. Sadly, that wave passed, but other projects came. One day, I happened to be on the site of a French music festival, and I hear this amazing Quebec rock band playing a few blocks away, Vénus 3. I was instantly charmed. It's now with great pleasure that I go take pictures when their tour stops in the Montreal area. Yelo Molo and Caïman Fu bands soon followed. By the way, some of my photos are featured on their Web site. I invite you to visit them. There are lots of talents in Quebec!

Since my favorite music bands are not constantly on the road, the idea of doing portrait photography came naturally. As you can see from my work, I'm fascinated by the subtlety of women curves. The idea to do makeup came when I discovered through practice that it's hard to create a nice image without the help of a good makeup artist. Indeed, I decided to go back to school. I now have a "Psychofigurism" makeup certificate and a specialized makeup diploma from l'Académie Internationale Edith Serei.

As they say, That all folks!

I enter contests now and then just for fun, because it's an original concept, and because it lets me add unforeseen content to my portfolio. The most important thing is to participate, right? I like taking photos at various happenings, especially about artistic presentations. I have lots of respect and admiration for people who have talent in divers specialty, and human quality as remarkable as their talent. If you produce an event that you believe would interest me, please don't hesitate to contact me to capture fond memories on paper.

Mannequin: Beautiful person that fashion designers cover with ridicule.
- Poem in the metro.

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